When Beanstalk was exploited, all of the Bean’s token liquidity was removed, rendering the Bean ERC-20 token useless. When Beanstalk is Replanted, a new Bean ERC-20 token will be deployed, replacing the existing spoiled Bean ERC-20 token.

Beanstalk will issue two new Unripe ERC-20 tokens in accordance with BIP-20:

  1. Unripe Beans to Farmers holding the spoiled Bean token
  2. Unripe BEAN:3CRV LP to Farmers holding the spoiled BEAN:ETH LP, BEAN:3CRV LP or BEAN:LUSD LP tokens in accordance with BFP-76

Issuance of Unripe assets will occur in 2 phases: Non-Deposited and Deposited.

  1. Non-Deposited: Non-Deposited Unripe asset balances will be issued through the use of a Merkle tree. Farmers can then pick their Unripe assets off the Merkle tree at any time.
  2. Deposited: Deposited Unripe assets will be Deposited in the Silo automatically upon Replant. Deposited balances are viewable on the Silo page at https://app.bean.money/#/silo.

Farmers now have a chance to verify their non-Deposited Unripe balances before the Merkle trees are planted on the Farm for Farmers to Pick their Unripe assets.

This guide will help you (1) view, (2) understand and (3) verify your non-Deposited Unripe balances.

<aside> ⚠️ All token balances were processed off-chain using on-chain balances. Thus, there is a non-zero chance that a value has been incorrectly processed. This is visible in advance such that any incorrect balance can be fixed before the Merkle roots are stored in the Beanstalk contract. Farmers are expected to have verified their balance by June 30th. If a Farmer doesn’t verify, nothing happens—they still get their Unripe assets.


1. Viewing Non-Deposited Unripe Balances

Farmers can view their expected non-Deposited Unripe balances on the UI:

  1. Navigate to https://app.bean.money/

  2. Connect your wallet by clicking the “Connect Wallet” button


  3. Click on your wallet to expand the dropdown


  4. Click the “Pick Unripe Beans” button in the brown box on the bottom


Under the section named Non-Deposited pre-exploit Bean balances, Farmers can view their balance in each of the 6 Bean states.